Merrillville Launches Community Banner Program

The Heart of the Region is proud to announce the launch of its Community Banner Program, an initiative aimed at enhancing the town's aesthetics, fostering community spirit, and boosting the local economy.

Banner_3Installation started on Tuesday to adorn Merrillville's streets with vibrant banners showcasing the town's unique character and promote its diverse array of businesses.
Merrillville is collaborating with Community Showcase Banners, based in Rochester, N.Y., to offer a program that will not only beautify the town but also create a welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors alike. 
"The Community Banner Program represents another step forward in our efforts to enhance the visual appeal of Merrillville while supporting our local economy,” Town Council President Rick Bella said. “These banners will not only add vibrancy to our streets but also serve as effective marketing tools for our homegrown businesses."

Through sponsorships, each banner features the logo or advertisement of a local business, providing them with more exposure and visibility. The banners also highlight Merrillville as a great place to play, live, work, dine, and shop.
“This program reinforces Merrillville as far as a town, brings some beautification, brightens up areas, and shows that we care about the community,” Merrillville Economic Development Director Angie Chilcott said. “We want to revitalize our town and we want our economic vitality to grow and prosper.”

Banners are located on Broadway, 61st Avenue, 73rd Avenue, and 93rd Avenue. Business owners and organizations in Merrillville are encouraged to participate in the program to not only gain exposure to a broader audience but also demonstrate their commitment to the community.
Although many banners have already been installed, “there’s still room for more,” Chilcott said. Visit to view a map of available locations and for details about sponsorship packages.

Banner_2The Community Banner Program aligns with Merrillville's ongoing efforts to create a more vibrant and inclusive community. Chilcott said the program was in the works before the town adopted “The Heart of the Region” as Merrillville’s slogan, and the new slogan could be incorporated in future banner designs.
“This will be an ongoing program for the next three years, and we will be able to change the banner design once a year,” Chilcott said.

Bella said he is eager to see how the program evolves.
“The banners will feature captivating looks that highlight everything Merrillville is about, serving as a source of civic pride and identity,” Bella said.