In order to carry out the purposes and provisions of the Town of Merrillville Zoning Ordinance, the Town is divided into zoning districts.  Each district has specific uses and front, rear, and side setbacks, height requirements; as well as specification on the lot size, width, and parking requirements.  

The Zoning Districts are as follows:

1. Floodplain District

2. Agricultural District
A-1 Agriculture

3. Residential Districts
R-1   Single Family Residential
R-2   Single Family Residential
R-3   Two to Four Family Residential
R-4   Low Density Multi Family Residential
R-5   Medium Density Multi-Family Residential

4. Commercial and Office Districts
C-1        Neighborhood Commercial
C-2        Community Commercial
C-3        Highway Commercial
C-4E     Commercial Entertainment
C-5        Office and Research

5.Industrial Districts
M-1   Limited Industrial
M-2   Industrial Corridor Overlay District

6. Planned Unit Development
PUD   Planned Unit Development

7. Greenbelt District

Schedule of Permitted Uses

The Planning and Building Department has posted the Schedule of Permitted Uses as a convenience to you for quick reference. A complete Chapter 21 Zoning Ordinance Book can be purchased at the Town of Merrillville Clerk -Treasures Office for $20.00, which includes all zoning rules and restrictions enforced by the Town of Merrillville.

The Schedule of Permitted Uses lists all zoning areas and features that are permitted within that zoning district. Contact us to view a list of the Schedule of Permitted Uses.