School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers

  • Cpl. Ellis  (Merrillville Elementary Schools)
  • Ofc. Bronowski  (Merrillville High School)
  • Ofc. Bradley (Merrillville Intermediate School and Pierce Middle School)

The SRO program has been in effect for over two decades in many schools throughout the nation. More information on the SRO concept is available at

The goal of an SRO is to serve as a resource for students, teachers, non-instructional staff, parents, administrators, and the community. Since the SRO is a trained police officer, they also focus on prevention and early intervention, improving the school's security policies, and providing support and help for students who may be struggling with personal issues that could affect their educational welfare.

Many days, the SRO can be found walking the hallways, keeping peace in the cafeteria by having lunch with students, monitoring recess. This type of interaction gives them the chance to get better acquainted with students and staff, learn more about school programs and policies, and be visible and accessible to all.

Teachers are encouraged to use the SRO's services and knowledge by inviting them into their classrooms to participate in discussions about law-related issues.

Additionally, some of their other duties may involve:

  • Working with administrators to review and improve security policies and crisis management plans.
  • Serving as a liaison between the schools, the police department, and the community.
  • Assisting with police-related matters that could potentially create an unsafe situation.