Merrillville Leaders Thrilled with Andrean’s Commitment to Town

Merrillville Leaders Thrilled with Andrean’s Commitment to Town

Andrean High School was developed more than a decade before the Town of Merrillville incorporated, and the school looks to remain firmly rooted in the community.

Andrean Principal Jaycob Knazur announced Monday that the school in northern Merrillville is embarking on an investment initiative, potentially involving renovations, new on-site construction, and possible redevelopment efforts.

The news has sparked widespread excitement in the Merrillville community.

“The municipality is delighted to learn of Andrean High School's decision to remain at 5959 Broadway in Merrillville,” Council President Rick Bella said. “With a tenure spanning back to 1959, the institution holds a significant place in our community, and we eagerly anticipate collaborating with Andrean to facilitate their renovation and expansion endeavors.”

In a letter to the Andrean community, Knazur described the "Andrean Initiative" as a significant venture, signaling a bold vision for the future.

Realizing these ambitions will require continued and strengthened partnerships between the school, the Town of Merrillville, local universities, philanthropic organizations, and alumni.

Merrillville's leaders recognize Andrean as a valuable asset, and they have expressed their willingness to assist the school in achieving its campus goals.

“Following discussions with school officials, the Town Council has proactively provided suggestions for municipal support,” Bella said. “With this encouraging development, we are poised to advance towards a structured framework aimed at bolstering their initiatives.”

Town Councilman Shawn Pettit said Andrean has been a top priority for him during the last five years.

“As an Andrean parent, I’m extremely excited about this,” said Pettit, whose daughter is an Andrean alumna. “I did not want them leaving the Town.”

Pettit, who also serves as the president of Merrillville’s Redevelopment Commission, said there are a variety of potential assistance options Merrillville is contemplating.

“5959 Broadway is extremely important to the north end of Merrillville, and we look forward to continuing to work with them on the Andrean Initiative,” Pettit said.