Merrillville seeking resident participation to create new Town slogan

Merrillville seeking resident participation to create new Town slogan

It’s time for Merrillville residents to put on their thinking caps.

The Town of Merrillville is creating a new Town slogan, and the community has the opportunity to share their ideas of what it should be.

“We’re looking for a lot of assistance and help from our residents and the community,” said Town Councilwoman Rhonda Neal, chairwoman of Merrillville’s Elections, Public Relations, and Town Beautification Committee.

Residents are encouraged to visit and fill out the form to submit their slogan ideas.

The slogan initiative comes while the Elections, Public Relations, and Town Beautification Committee is working on a project to upgrade Merrillville’s gateway signage.

“We’re going to choose one of the residents’ slogans to start our new signage program,” Neal said. 

She said the goal is to start implementing the new signage in the beginning of 2024.

These signs are the first items people see when they enter Merrillville, so it’s important they deliver a welcoming and positive message.

“This is your chance to get creative and have a direct impact on the Town of Merrillville,” Town Council President Rick Bella said. “We hope to receive a lot of participation from the community.”

In addition to the signage, the new slogan can also be featured on Merrillville’s website, social media pages, and other materials, Bella said.

As the Town slogan program kicks off, the community is encouraged to sign up to receive alerts from Merrillville to stay up to date on that project as well as the many events, programs, and other happenings in the Town.

Residents can visit and choose to receive email and text alerts from Merrillville.

“This will allow you to sign up and receive all our notifications of things going on in the Town of Merrillville,” Neal said. “This is just a new way that we’re trying to reach out to people.”

There is also a QR code in Merrillville’s fall newsletter, which was recently distributed to homes in the community. Residents can scan that code to go directly to the alert registration page.

“Make sure that your family and friends sign up,” Neal said. “This is a great way to communicate, I absolutely love it.”