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Merrillville Public Works

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 There are 165 miles of road throughout the town of Merrillville.  It is the 4th largest road mileage in Lake County.  Having that much roadway requires a constant maintenance schedule.  Listed below is a list of some of the duties that your Public Works Department takes care of:

  • Snow removal… done with 17 full-time employees driving heavy-duty trucks.
  • Road repairs… hot patching is done to larger sections of streets that need a section replaced.  Your public works department employees are trained to handle this type of repair saving taxpayers money by avoiding outside contractor services.
  • Installation of new drainage infrastructure… is done to allow for proper drainage of storm water.  Keeping water away from our streets can lengthen the life of our roads.
  • Maintain current drainage infrastructure… is an ongoing project.
  • Street Sweeping/cleaning… is done on a regular basis throughout the town by using the two street sweeper machines to keep streets clean and free from debris.
  • Maintenance of street signs… this is done “in-house” using the towns sign shop.  This also saves taxpayers money as the town can produce its own signs as needed.  These include stop signs, speed limit signs, and most all of the other signs that you might see throughout the town including street name signs.
  • Maintenance of street lights… this project allows for our own workers to replace burnt out street lights by using our “bucket truck” to lift workers high in the air to reach street lights.  This again allows for great savings by not requiring an outside company to do this type of work.
  • Street striping and turning arrows… is done by our own department workers using equipment purchased by the town to again save money.  This on-going project allows workers to stripe streets when it is worn or to stripe new streets as they are refinished.
  • Maintenance and repairs of all town owned equipment as show below requires full-time workers on a daily basis to keep equipment repaired and ready to use at a moments notice.  The town currently has one full-time mechanic.  

The department also does other functions including:

  • Leaf pick up program each fall
  • Spring time yard clean up program
  • Assist the parks department with equipment, construction, landscaping, etc.
  • Maintain all town buildings 
  • Provide residents with dumpster use and tree and yard waste disposal on site