Employment Opportunities

Application Process: CLOSED

A career with the Merrillville Police Department offers security, prestige, respect and personal satisfaction. Our officers are members of a progressive and professional department.  Our goal is to provide the highest level of police service to each person we contact. We pledge to sustain a working partnership with the community we serve so that we can maintain a safe and peaceful environment for all.

Minimum Requirements for Merrillville Police Officer Applicants

  1. Must be a high school graduate, as evidenced by a transcript issued by an accredited high school. An achievement test certificate from an accredited high school or State Board of Education is acceptable.
  2. Shall possess a valid Indiana drivers license (or obtain one within 60 days of becoming an Indiana resident) and have no more than six (6) active points.
  3. Shall be a US citizen.
  4. Shall be at least 21 years of age, and under the age of 36.
  5. Shall be drug-free, and have no convictions for driving under the influence of drugs.
  6. Shall have no more then two- (2) alcohol-related violations as a minor (18-21 years of age).
  7. Shall not have a conviction for operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI), or operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) in excess of 0.08%.
  8. Shall have no felony convictions.
  9. Shall have no convictions for any Class A misdemeanor.
  10. Shall not have received other than an honorable discharge from the military, or other discharge with honorable conditions.
  11. If appointed, shall establish residency as required by state law or local ordinance.
Current Salary and Benefits

Entry Salary - up to approximately  $56,000
Retirement Eligibility - 20 year
Retirement Plans - PERF
Clothing Allowance - up to $1,500
Longevity Pay - up to $3,000
Sick Days - 72 hours per year
Extended Sick Leave - up to 120 days
Insurance - medical, dental, and vision
Vacation - up to 7 weeks
Holidays - 14 days
Personal Days - up to 4 days
Other - take home squad car  

Physical Fitness Testing

The following physical fitness tests are pass/fail and must be successfully completed to continue in the hiring process. It would be in each applicant’s best interest to prepare themselves for the physical fitness portion of the hiring process. No special equipment is necessary to perform these tests.

1.5 Mile Run - 16 minutes, 28 seconds
Vertical Jump - vertical jump
Push-ups - 25 minimum
1 Minute Sit-ups - 29 minimum
300 Meter Run - 71 seconds