is in effect for vehicles parked in the street. Violators will be towed.

Sec. 12-89. - Special regulations for street work and snow removal work.

The street commissioner is hereby given the power to post temporary signs reading "No Parking-Street Work" along any street which he intends to sweep, clear or work within the succeeding twenty-four (24) hours, provided that in the event of two (2) or more inches of snowfall, all vehicles shall be removed from the street. In the event of freezing rain and/or ice, no street parking will be permitted until the snow and/or ice control is completed.

In the event any person should violate this section and park when the street commissioner has posted temporary no parking signs or in the event a person should park in the street during freezing rain or ice or snow, the street commissioner is authorized to issue a ticket or a citation for failure to comply with this section. Further, if removal of the automobile is necessary in order to complete the work on the street in either instance, the street commissioner is authorized to have the vehicle towed. The owner of the vehicle is responsible for paying for towing and storage.

(Ord. No. 74-2, § 58, 3-26-74; Ord. No. 85-5, § 1, 2-15-85)