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As part of an on-going natural gas modernization project, NIPSCO will have a portion of the Erie Lackawanna Trail closed in Merrillville between the 91st Avenue entrance way and the 93rd Avenue entrance way, the 93rd Avenue parking lot off Chase Street will also be closed.
The work is expected to start at 6 am on Wednesday, August 17th and last through Wednesday, August 31st at 7 pm., this schedule is weather dependent and maybe subject to change.
Advanced trail closure signage will be placed along the trail, for your safety and the safety of on-site crew members, NIPSCO would like to remind residents to please exercise caution when traveling near any marked construction zone and follow the directions of signage and on-site crew members. Do not travel around, or over, placed construction fencing on the trail as natural gas expansion work is being performed.
You will see NIPSCO working with its approved contractor, CJ Hughes, to performing this work. 
NIPSCO appreciates the patience of the community as this work is being performed and will work as quickly and safely as possible to complete this work in the area.
Detecting a Gas Leak
Since natural gas is colorless and odorless, NIPSCO adds a harmless, non-toxic chemical that makes it easier to detect a gas leak before it can create a hazardous situation. The chemical, called mercaptan, smells a lot like rotten eggs.
When You Smell Natural Gas
If you detect natural gas, remember to “stop, leave, call”:

  • Stop what you’re doing: Don't smoke or light a match. Don't open the windows. Don’t use anything that could cause a spark, like a phone, light switch, appliance or flashlight. Don’t start your car or use your garage door to leave.

Leave the area: If you're inside, get out immediately. If you're outside, leave the area quickly. Call us and 911: From a safe location, away from the building, call 911 and our emergency number at 1-800-634-3524 and wait for crews to arrive. For more safety related information, visit NIPSCO.com/StaySafe.

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