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The Clerk-Treasurer's Office provides a multitude of services. Use the links below to find information about the services we provide and general information helpful to Merrillville residents and business owners.

U.S. Passport
Animal License
Business and Residential Alarm Registration
Town of Merrillville Business License
Hazardous Material Registration
Access to Public Records

All town documents can be located in Document Center

U.S. Passport

The Clerk-Treasurer's Office processes U.S. Passport applications for a $35 fee and takes U.S. Passport photos for a $10 fee. Photo fee waived for Merrillville residents when applying for a U.S. Passport.

Acceptance Hours
Monday-Friday 10:00 am- 2:30 pm Please contact the Clerk-Treasurer's Office for scheduling. 
For more information regarding fees please visit US Passports & International Travel or call the Clerk-Treasurer's Office 219.769.3501

Animal Licenses

No person shall own, keep or harbor any dog or cat over three (3) months old unless it is licensed.
Animal License are issued through the Clerk-Treasurer's Office during regular business hours. Proof of current rabies vaccinations is required.

Animal License are to be obtained annually and expire the same date of the rabies vaccinations.

Annual Fee:
                        Unaltered                                         $20.00
                        Sprayed or Neutered                       $10.00
                       Unaltered                                          $20.00
                       Sprayed or Neutered                        $10.00
                      *Dangerous Animal                            $50.00
*Additional requirements please contact the Clerk-Treasurers' Office                  

Business and Residential Alarm Licenses

Businesses and Residents are required to register their alarm system with the town. Licenses are issued through the Clerk-Treasurer's Office during regular business hours.

Business Alarm License are to be obtain annually and expire December 31st of the year issued.

Annual Fee for Business Alarm License: $25.00
No fee for Residential Alarm Registration.

Business Alarm Application(PDF) 
Residential Alarm Application(PDF)

Business License

Any person maintaining, operating or conducting any business or establishment, or doing business, or engaging in any activity or occupation in the town shall obtain a Merrillville Business License, licenses issued through the Clerk-Treasurer's Office during regular business hours. Town of Merrillville Business License expire October 1st of the year issued.

Initial fee : $150.00
Renewal Fee: $75.00

Hazmat Registration

Any business or person who uses,handles, stores or disposes of items known to contain, or possibly be contaminated with an infectious disease or etiologic agent must obtain a Hazardous Materials License.  Hazardous Materials License are issued through the Clerk-Treasurer's Office during regular business hours. They expire December 31st of the year issued.

Chemical Hazardous Materials License annual fee: $100.00

Citizens may view or photocopy the following public information at the Clerk-Treasurer's office during business hours:  
Contracts between the town and other public agencies 
Minutes of all public meetings conducted by the Town Council
Agendas for Town Council
Copies of ordinances and resolutions 
All financial data including revenues, expenditures and town budgets
To obtain records an Access to Public Records Request(PDF) must be submitted.

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