I-65 256.4 53rd Ave SB

I-65 255.3 61st Ave

I-65 254.0 73rd Ave NB

I-65 254.0 73rd Ave SB

I-65 252.6 US 30

I-65 250.2 101st Ave NB

I-65 248.8 113TH Ave

I-65 247.3 US 231

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This page contains shortcuts to Indiana Department of Transportation real-time traffic cameras (TrafficWise). Note that the images from the cameras are re-hosted by the Town of Merrillville website and are provided for your convenience only. The Town of Merrillville cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of these images. The images are automatically updated every 3 minutes and are based on images published on the TrafficWise servers. Please visit Indiana's Real-Time Traffic Conditions website for additional information including interactive map with camera locations, travel speeds and traffic incidents.

* Note that some of the cameras may be offline. In those cases, you will see INDOT logo in place of the camera image.